about us

our story

It all started with a beautiful story

Summer 1986. In Cannes…

A man on his Solex tirelessly travels the streets of the city. He’s looking for a gift for his mother who is celebrating her birthday the same evening. And as he is a steed for the greatest jewelers on the Côte d’Azur, there is only one gift worthy of her in his eyes: a jewel. Sadly, After having scoured all the jewels of the city, he must go to the evidence.

Would jewelry be reserved for the most privileged? What a pity !

This is how Rings Free was born! A beautiful story that still lasts today …

A story where everything becomes possible

The real jewel becomes accessible to everyone

Rings Free is a great achievement in the world of jewelry. Of object of desire reserved to some, the true jewel becomes accessible to all.

How? By investing malls, with an immense range of models and prices, in which everyone can find happiness. A happiness of gold, silver, precious stones … and even a happiness of diamond.

Now everyone can offer a jewel.

Our mission is to make the real jewel becomes accessible to everyone

Our long-term goal